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ABOUT US: The Coalition was started in 1994 as a grassroots organization and has been instrumental in establishing a domestic violence unit within the Fall River Police Department. The Coalition has also initiated the Safe Child Visitation Center, sponsored a White Ribbon Campaign comprised of men against domestic violence, hosted interactive plays, silent marches and vigils and conducted a poster contest for area schools and numerous other events and fundraisers. All of the Coalition's efforts champion the concept of zero tolerance towards domestic violence.


Vision And Mission Statement:

The Greater Fall River Domestic Violence Coalition is a partnership of community organizations, survivors, and allies working to achieve a community free from violence.  The coalition serves as a platform for members to share resources, network, and collaborate, as well as engages the community by encouraging greater public awareness and transformative action. The coalition is committed to elevating the voices of survivors and dismantling systems of oppression that continue to make domestic violence possible.

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